Sunday, October 28, 2007

Julia Perez; If that's right, I really have the most expensive boobs in Indonesia!

5:48 AM
Nowadays, Jupe, nick name of Julia Perez got a new hot gossip. The gossip says that Jupe had a plastic surgery for her breast to enlarge her size, which cost is over 80 million rupiahs. And for this hight cost surgery, Jupe got a donation from a man named Okta, who's also told as her boyfriend right now.

This news rise from an investigation to a clinic around Mega Mendung, Bogor that offers such that kind of surgery, and Jupe was a patient of that clinic.

And so, Jupe was very surprised when she was asked about it, and answered" Wow, if that so, I got a very expensive breast, no, it's absolutely untrue!" About Okta, she also confirmed that the man is her manager,and they're in the middle of making her new album, and that's why Okta's car periodically come to Jupe's House around Cipete.


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