Monday, October 29, 2007

Ahmad Dhani; Roy Suryo Has to Learn More About Photographic Art

12:17 PM

An analyzing explanation that have ever told by Roy Suryo that;" Someone who spread those pictures absolutely know the moment of when he/she got to published it,as the hot picture of Bertrand Antolin and Indra. L. Bruggman. But those pictures of Maia and Mulan is hard to be proved."

But Dhani has a opposite opinion from Roy Suryo, he event said that any of roy explanation got no scientific base." Roy got to learn more from a photographer, cause those picture are real, and I have many of another pictures of them." Dhani challenging.

For that Dhani's challenging words, Roy replied," I appreciate if somebody else can prove that those picture are real, so let's wait the real fact"


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