Friday, July 31, 2009

Cynthiara Alona, the four sexiest body parts !

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Cynthiara Alonaanti spill!

Jakarta - The hot body of model and actress Cynthiara Alona makes women envy and men horny. Moreover if she is nude, without any clothes to wear. No doubt about Cynthiara's hot body, but for Alona herself, what part of her body  she thinks the hottest ones ?

Cynthiara Alonatake a look at my hips not the others!

According to the star of Singapore Playboy, she choose her hips. As she is very confident with her hips, she often wearing hipster with the g-string shown-off. She choose the tight wardrobes also to show off her drop-dead-shaped-body.
"I got the best hips in the world, just like the finest Spanish Guitar. So if everyone take a look to my hips, as if they want to 'eat' it," said Cynthia when we talked at Jakarta just now.

Cynthiara Alonathis is shape!

Actually this ex-co-host of Untung Ada Budi TV'show doesn't need to think further about the sexiest parts of her body. She just point her finger to anywhere around her body said the woman born in Aceh, 7 Juli 1985.
"I like my butt, previously it's so so, finally as there are many men like it. I try to maintain my butt tight and hot," explained this owner of 36 C bra-size.

Cynthiara Alonathis is my body line!

Down below the butt, the star of MBA and Mupeng the movies adore her sproprtional and exy long legs. She doesn't want to waste this God gift by always explore this hot legs. No wonder if we can easily found mini-skirts and hot pants in her wardrobe.
"For me, my legs are equal with other arts of my body. I feels sexy with those mini-skirts and hot pants and match with high-heels shoes. OMG I adore my self," she said and laughed.

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